Do More With Your Voice
Mosaic makes your smart products even smarter
Mosaic is a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) that understands what you say and enhances the capabilities of your smart products.
Voice Controlled
When paired with Amazon Alexa powered devices, Mosaic gives you the ability to easily control your smart products with just your voice.
Messenger, Slack & Texting Support
Using your voice isn't always convenient. We made it so you can also type or text Mosaic from multiple services to control your smart products.
Better Together
Mosaic enables your smart products to work together by grouping them into useful workflows that can be activated with a simple command.
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Control your environment with a single command
Mosaic lets you control your smart products individually or group them into convenient workflows where they work together — all with one command.
Control your smart products individually
“Alexa, ask Mosaic for battery level.”
“Alexa, ask Mosaic for blue lights.”
“Alexa, ask Mosaic for calendar.”
“Alexa, ask Mosaic to warm up the house.”
Create Workflows To Fit Your Needs
Good Morning
  • Hue: Bedroom lights turn on & turn a bright cool color.
  • Nest: “Setting your Nest to 74 degrees.”
  • Traffic: “The fastest route to work is…”
  • Weather: “Today will be mostly sunny, with a high of 75.”
  • Calendar: “You have three appointments today…”